14 October 2013

we bought a farm

Greetings all,
Super exciting news . . . i can finally start posting at this blog . . . we bought a farm!! It's been a 20 year dream with my soldier husband & only possible since he returned from his fifth deployment (handy that he's in the same city as us!!)  We have lived all over Australia, finally deciding to settle in Canberra, a military & public service national capital city, surrounded by farmland.  My husband has future employment security, although, i'd love to see him as a full-time-farmer.
Our must-have list was . . . 45 minutes from the CBD, cleared land, no dwelling, 100 acres & sobering things for a single income family, like 'affordable'. During our search, issues like . . . fencing/ rainfall/ school buses became important; power/ telephone/ sewerage did not - as we desire to be self sufficient. Finally we found the right property & much larger!!
This has given us the exciting potential of raising livestock, building a strawbale homestead & planting orchards. Could not be happier. Stay tuned for our exciting plans, we will build our home next year.  First up, is a driveway, then it will get exciting!!  All the home building information will take place at this blog & when i get sewing again - in my converted shearing shed studio - i'll revive Posie Blogs.  For now, i'm busy planting hundreds of native trees, bushes & shrubs in Spring, to flourish over Summer.  Love Posie